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While it may seem like the tyres on a vehicle should be in a set position, this is not so. The tyres are on a carefully calibrated system of axles and tie rods. When the tyres are worn unevenly they may be out of alignment. To prevent serious issues which may harm your family on the road, make an appointment for wheel alignment at KATS Automotive Service Centre today!

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Why Work With KATS Automotive Service Centre

  • Peace of Mind: All of the work we perform is backed with the Repco Nationwide Guarantee as we are a Repco Authorised Service Centre.
  • Top Mechanics: At KATS Automotive Service Centre all of our mechanics are kept up to date on the latest parts and cutting edge services for a myriad of makes and models thanks to the ongoing training seminars and service bulletins from Repco.
  • Great Value: As a part of the East Brisbane neighbourhood, we work with local vendors and the Repco spare parts network to find great deals for our clients.

What is a Wheel Alignment?

The tyres on your vehicle are carefully aligned on the caster and camber. Wheels are positioned so that there is even wear and tear on all terrains. When the wheels are in line it is as if you can take your hands off the steering wheel and the vehicle will remain moving forward in a straight line.

Why Do You Need A Wheel Alignment?

Things such as loose tie rods, broken wheel hubs or wear and tear on the rubber can cause issues with the balance alignment of the wheels. When wheels are out of whack alignment you can may experience dangerous driving conditions, especially when driving in less than desirable conditions.

What Happens During Wheel Alignment?

Whether you are in for a regular wheel alignment, or to have had an issue or to have your tyres changed, our mechanics will set your alignment to the correct specifications. The car is attached to equipment which will measure the angles required to set the alignment properly.

Ensure safe driving conditions by making an appointment with the KATS Automotive Service Centre team! Remember a KATS aligned vehicle will drive purrrfectly straight!

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